Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Advance Web Design

Welcome to W3 Easy Design for The Advance Web Design Course

Class Plan

1.  HTML
2.  CSS
3.  Java Script
4.  Bootstrap Framework [HTML, CSS, JavaScript]
5.  PSD to HTML
6.  Final Project

Necessary Tools For Web Design

Editor/IDE[Integrated Development Environment]
1.  Dreamweaver
2.  Notepad ++
3.  Netbeans
4.  Atoms
5.  Php Strom

Browser/ Server

1.  Mozila Firefox
2.  Google Chrome
3.  Internet Explorer/ Microsoft Edge

Editing Tools

1.  Adobe Photoshop

Part Of Web Page

1.  Structure & Content [ HTML ]
2.  Presentation [Css, JavaScript]
3.  Behavior [Browser]


W3C.org [The World Wide Web Consortium]

W3C is the principle organization that sets standards for HTML.

W3schools is a reference site.

   WebCoachBD is a reference site.